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Writers in the Schools

Frye Festival author's writing workshops and presentations 

for students from kindergarten to Grade 12 

Meeting an author is an excellent way of encouraging your students to

discover the joy of reading and writing.


Organizing a visit is free and easy : 

Before March 1 

  1. Fill the form with your availabilities, preferences and contact information. 

    • Our schedules are flexible. The group sizes are variable and you can even combine classes. 

A few weeks before the visit  

  1. Confirm that you have received your schedule and your proposed Frye Festival author. Please honour your commitment. Cancellations have an important logistical impact on our organisation and we will not be able to guarantee a replacement visit. 

  2. Prepare your students. To assure that the visit will be engaging, for the students as well as the author, consult the information sheet as well as the free copy of the author's book provided by the festival. Encourage your students to read excerpts and think of questions they would like to ask the author. 

The day of the visit 

  1. Prepare the space for the visit according to the needs of the author (for example, projector, chalkboard, etc.)

  2. Greet the author at the school's administration and guide them to the venue.

  3. Be present and available during the entire duration of the visit. 

After the visit 

  1. Fill out the evaluation form and send us pictures of the visit if possible. 

For more information, you can contact Dominique Léger by phone at (506) 859-4389
or by email at


   Stay tuned for news, events, announcements and special offers!   

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