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Moncton Poet Laureates / Frye Festival Poets Flyés

Moncton Poets Laureate and Poets Flyés Kayla Geitzler and Jean-Philippe Raîche’s mandates came to an end during the 23rd edition of the Frye Festival. From now until July 11, 2022 we invite submissions from New Brunswick artists wishing to immerse themselves in two years’ worth of poetic hijinks!


Two poets will be selected, one for each official language.


Take a look at the call for applications below:

Photo: Annie France Noël

The mandate of Moncton's Poets Flyés is to act as the city’s literary ambassadors, to promote the importance of writing and the art of the spoken word in both official languages, and to make Moncton’s voices known beyond the city’s boundaries.

The two-year term will start in September 2022 and end in August 2024 with the announcement of their successors.

Each Poet Flyé will receive an annual honorarium of $3,500 from the City of Moncton in addition to an annual budget of $1,500 from the Frye Festival to fund a community project in connection with poetry.