Budding Writers

The Frye Festival team sets the scene, and students in grades 5 to 8 collaborate, within their classrooms, to create an original story.


Each classroom will have two story options, one can be text only (like a short story), or one can be an illustrated a short text (like a comic book). The festival provides the first sentence of the story, and the students do the rest! In the spirit of a relay, students will be working in groups to help move the story forward. This creative relay encourages students to build on each other’s imagination.

Each story will be featured on a virtual platform during the Frye Festival.

Participating is free and easy:​​

1.  Select your story option: text only or illustrated short text.

2.  Divide your classroom into four groups.

3. Assign one component per group. Each group (four groups total) is responsible for one of the following components (100-150 words per component) of the story:

       • Context and characters

       • Conflict

       • Rising action and climax

       • Outcome / Resolution

4.  Announce the first sentence to all the teams.... 

 "I hurried to grab the radio we use during power outages and turned it on. An automated voice was repeating the same statement over and over, “the Internet no longer exists”.

...and the story begins!

5.  Send the completed creation to with "Budding Writers 2021" as the subject line.

Deadline: March 31, 2021


Click on the images below 

to read what the students imagined: