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Edward Lemond

Edward Lemond has lived in the Moncton, New Brunswick area since 1993. Before that, he lived for 24 years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He grew up in Long Beach, California and Lafayette, Indiana, and came to Canada in 1969. He was a bookseller for twenty-one years, first in Halifax, then Moncton. His bookstore was called The Attic Owl Bookshop. 


Edward Lemond was one of the founders of the Frye Festival and was co-chair of the Program Committee from the first festival in 2000 through to April 2011 festival. He started the Attic Owl Reading Series, held monthly in Moncton beginning in August, 1994. 

Edward Lemond is a novelist and poet and recently completed a novel called The Last Thing She Said, about Northrop Frye and the death of his wife Helen on a trip to Australia in 1986. His most recent book is the poetry collection called What Once Was, written during the last year in the life of his wife, Elaine Amyot.


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