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Jean-Philippe Raîche, an Acadian poet born in 1970, writes poetry that evokes tragic collective destinies, voluntary exile, and wandering. Establishing uprootedness as a figure of the human condition, he constructs the body of a loved one as the only place of return.


As a young student at the Université de Moncton in the late 80s, Jean-Philippe Raîche helped relaunch Éditions Perce-Neige, Acadie’s main literary publisher. He studied at the universities of Montreal, McGill, and Paris VII before joining the Canadian Embassy in Paris in 1997, where he was in charge of universities before moving on to the literature and film departments. He came home to Acadie in 2012, settling in Moncton where he was editor of Perce-Neige’s poetry collection for three years. Une lettre au bout du monde was published in 2001, followed by Ne réveillez pas l’amour avant qu’elle ne le veuille in 2007.


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