Léonore Bailhache

Responsable des communications, du marketing, et du développement des publics


Despite her misleading Irish look, Léonore Bailhache comes from Normandy, France.


She studied French Sign Language at the Université de Poitiers and obtained a Masters in contemporary creative writing.


A lover of words, slam poetry, and youth literature, Léonore Bailhache travelled across Canada before settling in Moncton in 2018. For more than two years, she has worked as a Project Manager with local publisher Bouton d’or Acadie, and she facilitated writing workshops at the Moncton Public Library.


In 2020, she was invited by the Frye Festival as part of its annual Prelude event. She is pleased to be a part of a festival that is essential to Moncton’s cultural life.

Photo : Annie France Noël