15 years of Poets Flyés

Every year from 2006 to 2019, the Frye Festival has chosen a Poet Flyé and has given them a mission to create original poems during the festivities. 


The Poet Flyé writes two original and bilingual poems inspired by the invited authors, their books, the events and Northrop Frye as well as any special features of each new edition of the festival. The first poem is read during our Opening Ceremony and the second during our closing event, Frye Jam. 


Georgette LeBlanc


Mo Bolduc 

2016 & 2017

Christine Melanson 

2014 & 2015

Josephine Watson 

2011 - 2013

Gabriel Robichaud 


Jessie Robichaud 

2006 - 2009

Paul Bossé