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Reem Fayyad Abdel-Samad, a Lebanese-Canadian writer, holds a Masters of Sciences in Environmental Health degree. She worked in Beirut and Dubai before she moved to Moncton in 2010, where she currently works as Executive Director, Performance Measurement with the New Brunswick Health Council. 


A wife and a working mother, Reem Fayyad Abdel-Samad is passionate about community work around diversity, immigration, women, and youth well-being. She is a founding member of the Arab Culture Club in New Brunswick, and is also a member of Arabika music band, singing classical oriental songs.


Her passion for writing started as a private hobby during her adolescence, and then was shared publicly through a blog, and later on the Facebook page “A Window to Truth”. She self-published her two books in Arabic: On the Margin of Revelation in 2008 and To a Man in 2018.

Reem Fayyad Abdel-Samad


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