During the weeks before the Festival, students across New Brunswick let their creativity and pencils do the work and sent us wonderful stories, as a part of the Imagination at Work and Budding Writers programs. We've turned these stories into quirky capsules animated by actor Bianca Richard. Here are a few of them:

High school students also participated in the Words on Stage event, hosted by magician, poet and former Poet Flyée Christine Melanson. All of their performances are on our YouTube channel. Listen to some of them below:

The Provincial Creative Writing Contest Winners were announced during Prelude. Congratulations to all our talented writers! You can read their pieces by clicking on the images below: 

Paige May.png
Libby Rollin.png
Teagan Robinson.png
Lorie Roy.png
Neila Selouani.png
Bennett Godfrey.png
Lauren Reid .png
Abby MacIntosh.png
Minseo Jung.png
Daphnée McIntyre.png
Jeanne Boucher.png
Krista Philips.png

The Frye Academy Jury met up several times to debate the books in competition this year. In the end, it was Shuni, by Naomi Fontaine, that was named final winner. During the Festival, the members of the jury had a conversation with Shuni's editor at Mémoires d'encrier, Yara El-Ghadban.