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Xavier Gould entered the Acadian cultural milieu in 2017 when they moved to Moncton with a liberal arts degree. Through funny short video clips on social media, their persona Jass-Sainte Bourque captivated audiences throughout the Acadian community, thus launching their professional artistic career. 
The character for whom Xavier Gould garnered recognition has created several opportunities for the performer, including writing the show Jass-Sainte à la camp, which toured New Brunswick, participating in the Sommet des femmes in Prince Edward Island as a poet, and hosting the Acadian national holiday  main show during the 2019 Congrès mondial acadien, which was broadcast live on national television. Yet, Gould has also made their mark through daily work as an activist in the queer community (2SLGBTQ+), receiving the 2019 Prix Viola Léger, the title of cultural person of the year from the Acadie Nouvelle and L’Étoile newspapers in 2018 and 2017 respectively, and the position of Grand Marshal of  the 2018 Greater Moncton Pride Week. Honoured by these recognitions, Xavier Gould never lets the notoriety they receive in the community detract from their artistic mission. 
As an artist, their mission is to explore how the plurality of queer realities can co-exist with the diverse realities and Acadian cultural landscapes that have long remained heteronormative and cisgender. Through poetry, stories, and images, Xavier Gould challenges the social norms of contemporary Acadian identity to include people from the queer community.


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